Sabina —

A girl of heavenly beauty will show you everything she can. An amazing fairy of massage with a graceful body, a wealth of experience and top-notch skills will incarnate all your dreams with pleasure and feelings in incredible erotic massage. Her touch is light as a feather. It will take you into the world of harmony and insouciance.

Age: 27 Weight: 48
Height: 162 Breast Size: 2
The services
  • Массаж "Классика"
  • Ванильное небо
  • Массаж "Гейша"
  • Комплекс "Релакс"
  • Массаж "Интрига"
  • Оргазмический массаж
  • Крейзи-меню
  • Комплекс "Цунами"
  • Аква-пенный
  • I love
  • I am doing
  • I don't do

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